1JavascriptLanguageOOP, DOM browser, ES2015 ~ ES2023, etc
2TypescriptLanguageType, Interface, Compiler, etc
3SolidityLanguageType, Interface, call method, contract method, block property, etc
4Next.jsFramework FullstackSSR, CSR, app router, etc
5Eta.jsFramework FullstackSSR, CSR, etc
6Node.jsFramework BackendESM, CommonJs, etc
7Express.jsFramework BackendRestfull API, router, middleware, ratelimit, etc
8Web3.jsLibraryEth call method, build idea, etc
9HTMLMarkdown LanguageHTML 5, tag, etc
10CSSMarkdown LanguageColor, Space, etc
11Bootstrap 5Framework CSSStyling, etc
12TailwindFramework CSSStyling, etc
13DaisyUI (based tailwind)Framework CSSStyling, etc
14Mariadb/MysqlDatabase ServerSQL syntax, pool, etc
15Web scrappingbotWeb scrapping static/dinamic, cookie handler, proxy scrapping, with browser automation, with script only, etc
16Bot Social MediabotBot telegram (official), Bot whatsapp (unofficial), etc
17Automation BlockchainbotAuto swap token in dex, build idea with eth method, exploit, sniper, etc